Tessa Brown

Owner & Winemaker at Vignerons Schmolzer & Brown

"We chose the Vini-Clip system for our foliage wire management. Ian has always been timely and easy to work with, and the clips of course are tremendously easy to install with 50mm type 17 hex-head screws and a decent cordless impact driver. They are easy to install, clip and unclip and most importantly allow us to manage our foliage for high value wine production."

Chris Rieck

Vineyard Manager at Byfarr Wines

"We have been using them for over 15 years now and would have used 90000 plus, across 15 hectares of vineyard.
They are excellent to use and they make the process of lifting and dropping removable foliage wires quick and easy.
They are also great on the bottom of the trellis posts, so that when foliage wires are down they’re kept neatly in place and away from any machinery"
The Strongest & Longest lasting clip on the market