ViniClip the Strongest & Longest lasting clip on the market


The Strongest & Longest lasting clip on the market, specially developed for the viticulture trellis industry. Providing positive wire to post fastening.

  • Cost effective wire to past fastening.
  • Will not dislodge when harvesting and pruning.
  • Self Drilling screws or nail fastening options in both single and double clips.
  • Wires can easily be adjusted up and down the post as vines growing by unclipping and lifting wire.
  • Vini-Clips are molded from UV stabilised polyethylene plastic, capable of resisting extreme temperatures.
  • Screw pull out loads far exceed those of nails and staples, eliminating costly repairs
  • By design the load is carried by the screw rather than the clip
Innovation in trellis wire clips for vineyards, orchards, and general farming.
The Vini-Clip is designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards.
It can be applied to any trellis post with a screw or nail and is built to last from quality UV stabilised polyethylene.
The Strongest & Longest lasting clip on the market